Wrestling, Cheer, Lacrosse, Track, Golf, Tennis, Bowling and more!

Dye sublimated team uniforms and apparel styles are available for just about every sport. We’ll custom create sublimated apparel that will make you look great no matter what sport or event fuels your passion. We offer a full selection of sublimated sports apparel for sports like wrestling, cheer, lacrosse, track, golf, tennis, bowling, darts, rishing and even motorsports. In addition to team apparel we all outfit coaches and provide fan apparel for the youngest fan to the young at heart. We’ll even create great looking sublimated apparel for restaurants, bars, service companies and anyone who just wants to look great and have a unique one of kind look at only sublimated apparel can offer.

As one of the fastest growing style of athletic team apparel and sportswear today, dye sublimation allows you to create a unique and distinctive look that will set you apart from your competition. Contact our customer service team to find out how we’ll make you look great. We’ll create the perfect sublimated apparel that will make you the envy of your competetion and let everyone know you mean business. You can reach our customer service team Monday throught Friday from 7 AM – 5:30 PM MST at 602.326.4290, or by email 24 hours a day at info@affordableuniformsonline.com. Sublimated sports apparel, team uniform and spirit wear made with the quality you expect, at a price you can afford.

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